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Music Production / M L E  Studios

Recording / Mastering / Voice Over / Post Production

Record your album or demo project to perfection. We offer Award winning producers, engineers, musicians and songwriters to help make your project "radio friendly" and commercially viable.


And after the recording and mastering is completed, let us help you design and prepare your CD for production and distibution.  MLE STUDIOS is authorized to issue your songs an ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) number to help protect your digital assets and tracking revenues, plays, etc. and we partner with music publishers and indie movie productions to help with promotion of your music.


M L E  STUDIOS is now located on five acres in Prescott Valley, AZ for live recording.  We have artists/musicians locally or that travel to record with us.  Please see our samples page for some recent projects.


We also offer duplication/replication of CD's in quatities from 10 to several hundred so they are available when you need them, and you don't have to order in bulk.

M L E STUDIOS has been proud to work with video game productions Indie movie studios and music publishers to create music/lyric videos to promote produced songs, post production audio cleanup/boosting/noise reduction and ADR for indie movies in production.  We specialize with green screen music video production with our 16 foot wide by 10 foot high green screen wall right  here at M L E  Studios in Prescott Valley, AZ.

Let us provide your Event with Live Sound,
FOH Mixing, Recording, Amps, Drums, P.A.,
Wireless handheld or theatrical mics,
Video and Live Streaming Video


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